Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Steeped In Purpose
Making Change Easy

Do you live life from through Spiritual gifts or around your gifts?
Remember Satan's Schemes 

February: Extreme Love IS Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts 
Your Spiritual gifts are dangling right in front of you; grab them! 
"Has Satan written you off as a slave?"
I heard that in a song yesterday. If only 4% of people who make goals ask for help with those goals, I wonder how many women stay trapped in the lie that they have nothing to contribute to anyone. Satan is sneaky that way. He will keep feeding you a lie that you do not have a gift, therefore you do not ask for help to find it or to use it.
Again, has Satan written you off as a slave because he knows you are part of the 96% of people who make goals that will not seek their goal or gift or a closer relationship with God? 
Change that recorder in your mind. Tell Satan he has no hold on you anymore. "He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world,"1 John 4:4.
You are either a Christian guided by the Lord, and have a Spiritual gift (maybe unrealized gift at this point) OR you are a Christian guided more by Satan because you do not PURSUE a relationship with the Lord. You cannot have it both ways. 
Do you trust God has made you with special Spiritual gifts to further his Kingdom or do you float around with no direction, no goal, no passion thinking you are nothing special...Satan loves this attitude and has written you off as a slave. 
Choose today before we go forward, to pursue your Spiritual gift given to you from the heavenly realm or float around lost, unfulfilled and confused in the playground of Satan... this world.

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