Tuesday, February 7, 2017

7 Reasons You Don’t Accomplish Your Goals & 7 Ways to Get Started 

Think back on some of your accomplishments. Did you win some awards in school? Did you get a sports scholarship? Do you have a great family?

I was inducted into the National Honor Society as a Junior in High School. I made the Dean’s List once in college. I graduated from Texas Tech. I know enough sign language to teach some kids at church and to sign the sermon to a deaf man. I have a wonderful husband and two wonderful kids. I’m not bragging. These are my accomplishments and there are many more.

All these accomplishments and yours too, I imagine, did not happen by them self. I had to study hard to get those grades. I had to take three semesters of sign language in college. I had to go through four years of school for a diploma. I have to work at my relationship with my husband and keep up the communication, the trust and respect. I had to wait nine months for those kids.

My point is, with each of my accomplishments, there was an end goal in mind. A list to make, a society to be a part of, graduation that led to a job, trust and respect and love that led to marriage, nine months that led to a birth.

I could not have sped up the process. If I would have tried, failure was imminent. I would not of had the qualifications or the experience needed. I had to ride the wave to the very end. I could not skip a step to the end.

Do your goals seem so far away that you are frustrated? Do you wonder why you never seem to get closer to them?

Here are some reasons you never reach your goals:
  1. You do not have them clear in your mind. Not on paper
  2. You do not start the process of getting closer to them. No Plan
  3. You do not make that first step or the second or third. Stagnant 
  4. You allow something to get you off track easily. Distracted 
  5. You are not honest about what blocks you from your goals. Bondage
  6. You do not have an accountability partner to encourage you. All alone
  7. You really don’t think you can do it. Doubt 
What is one area you can work on to help you accomplish your goals? 
  1. Write in a journal to get clear on your passion, desire and target.
  2. Write down a start date and finish date on a calendar.
  3. Make 3-4 steps towards one goal you want to accomplish.
  4. Stay on track by getting rid of Social Media distractions.
  5. Be specific about what is in your way.
  6. Call a trusted friend to keep you on track.
  7. Pray for direction from God. 

Having a partner who helps you move closer to your desires in life, business and family may be the key you are missing to get you on the path you desire to hop on. 

If you are needing help in any of these areas, let’s chat, for free of course, and let me help you live the life you always dreamed. Check out my website or give me a call www.steepedinpurpose.com 

Erin E. McEndree 


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