Friday, February 24, 2017

Three Parts of a Successful Business

What Leg of the Business Tripod Model are You?

I have a little orange dog with only three legs. Let’s just say he likes the neighbor’s chickens. Since his mishap, he has had to learn to do things differently. His front legs and back legs do not have the same functions. His back leg supports him when he squats. It looks very funny now. It is also the leg he uses to propel himself on the couch or into our arms. Is has become harder for him. His back leg would not work if he did not have a front leg to support him. His front legs help balance him. If he lost one more leg, no matter which one it was, he would have no balance and not be able to walk at all. (This is really my dog in the summer when we shave him.)

Business is that way. It has three parts and cannot survive without all three. The three pieces are: the Producer, the Marketer and the Finance Manager. Some people love to produce programs and emails and enticing offers and visual aids and all the parts to an actuall product. The Marketer can take that product and loves to create ads and funnels and bit.lys and all the components of a launch...the Tech person. The Finance Manager can help the other two decide where and when to put money into ads, avoid bad risk and hang on in good risk. 

It is very rare that a person has all three of these qualities together in their own being. That would be like saying you are all the personality types rolled into one.   

How many of you to conferences or buy programs or watch webinars on a topic that you struggle with and still feel frustrated afterwards? 

Maybe you never look at the notes and material ever again. Maybe you look at it but it looks like fuzzy and don’t apply it. Maybe you try to apply it, but when troubles pop up you are lost and don’t know how to fix it and don’t know who to ask.

My suspicion is, you are trying to learn something contrary to your skill set, your personality, your God-given gifts and your character. Are you trying to be more than one leg of the a tripod?

Knowing what leg you are on the tripod helps you to accomplish those things you are best at!! You could be just okay in another area, but I suspect you struggle, it takes longer and it frustrates you.

If you are unclear about your gift and skill set, let me help you find how you are wired. 

For $60 and 1hour of your time, I will help you get clarity on whether you are a Producer, a Marketer or a Financial Manager. PLUS: Six Myths about Business that will Change your Mindset

One of the worst ideas to come from the Women’s movement is the idea that women can do everything by themselves to appear equal, powerful, successful and happy. Sorry, ladies, but if that were true, we would all have millions of dollars because we would be adept in all three areas of business; we would have perfect families, our house would be clean all the time and life would be rosy.  I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY WOMAN OR MAN BE SUCCESSFUL WITHOUT HELP IN THEIR WEAK AREAS. The most successful people…all of them…have a team.

Let’s talk to help you figure out which part of the team you are, which part you need and how to put them all together. 

I created the written article in 10 minutes. I know I am a Producer who Encourages goal setting to reach your target.  It took me another 10 minutes to find my dog pic and post this. My tech skills are weak. That is why I have help in that area! 

Let’s chat.
Erin E. McEndree

PM me or call 817-992-3177

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