Tuesday, May 30, 2017

God's Character in the Disasters

God gives you everything you need to understand what He is up to in the disasters of life if you open your mind to eternal possibilities. 

*God used 10 plagues to get Pharaoh's attention and show His power over nature. Many animals, crops and first born died.

*God used the big fish to get Jonah's attention for a big job He wanted him for.

*God allowed Job to be tested. His whole family died. His crops were ruined and his body was covered in boils.

*There are current disasters in the world. Children getting bombed at a concert. Tornados ripping houses and families apart. Two children die in a hot car in Texas. 

You have the choice to decide what you focus on in each circumstance. 

*Do you focus on what seems like injustice instead of the deliverance of God's people from the Egyptians. God had a plan.

*Do you focus on the horrible conditions Jonah faced instead of the second chance he was given? God had a plan.

*Do you focus on the loss Job endured instead of his restoration?

*Do you focus on current disasters instead of helping? Do you step up to pray, put on some gloves and travel 100 miles to get dirty and carry someone's burden? (are you like Jonah)

There is one huge difference in the Bible examples and now...We know the complete story in the Bible stories and can see and know how they worked for good. We cannot see or know the blessings that the horrible circumstances bring forth in our present situations. 

There is one huge similarity in the the Bible examples and now...God never changes his character and all work for the good of those who love him.

God is good even in trials. 
Trials are YOUR test to see if you will step up, pray and engage.
Non-Christinas think Christianity is about having no problems and when we do, they think it is not working so why try that.
Trials make you closer to God (if you allow it).

How will you help your family see God in trials?
How will you help the woman or man at work with struggles?
How can you alleviate burdens?
How can you help someone who feels left out?
What sins can you confess?

Help others heal by using your story.

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