Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fake It Until You Make It

Fake It Until You Make It 

What does that mean to you? I received a variety of different answers when I posted this question. 

1-One comment, “There is no need to fake it if you are good at what you do.”

2-Another said, “Act like you know what you're doing until you really do know what you're doing.”

3-Someone else said, “It is doing something that does not feel natural. Eventually we can learn it and it becomes natural.”

I believe ‘faking it’ is a Biblical principle that we ALL should strive for. Let me explain. 

I am referring to a specific Biblical perspective on faking it referring to Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” 

NOW, I don’t believe you should fake it so you look smart or don’t have to say, “I don’t know.” For example, my husband is highly respected because he does NOT fake it. When people ask him question about their animal he does not know, he tells them, “I don’t know, but I know someone who does and I will find the answer for you.” People respect him for that especially since it is related to the health of their animal. Owners don’t want him faking answers or doses to medications just to be seen as 'knowing all the answers'. That is pride. Others have done that and messed up royally! 

Biblically, what about forgiveness? What about speaking up in defense of the Lord? What about volunteering in a homeless shelter (or anywhere)? What about looking at someone in judgement? Should we only do these things AFTER we FEEL the emotion?

Should we only forgive after we feel forgiveness? Should we only speak up to defend the Lord when we feel comfortable doing so? Should we only agree to volunteer when we are totally comfortable? Should we only show NO judgment after we feel it for that person?

Short answer is NO. I believe we should fake it until we make it. Said another way…we should show it until our heart and mind catches up with our knowledge of what the Bible says we need to do in those situations. 

Knowledge is not action. But if we have the knowledge, we can act accordingly even if our heart really does not feel like it. 

We can be intentional in our actions and thinking and pray for the Lord to help our heart and mind feel the same. 

Isn’t that what the Bible talks about??  Romans 8:4 says we don’t live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. ONE PROBLEM: we live in the flesh! We are taught to consistently live for the Spirit while living in the flesh. If we are Christians looking and yearning for heaven, we are essentially living a fake life here on earth because we know our home is in heaven. 

Act contrary to the flesh…even if you don’t feel it; fake it and pray your heart will catch up. 

Do you think the woman felt forgiveness towards the boy who murdered her son? She was faking it first and then God gave her a beautiful relationship with this young man to where, BECAUSE SHE WAS OPEN TO GOD’S BLESSINGS, she felt like God gave her a son to replace the one lost. (this was a story on the news that I saw)

So, I’m not advocating faking anything for prides sake, but fake out Satan and act contrary to what he is bombarding you with in this world. Live like you are already in heaven even if you don’t feel like it! 

Fake it until you make it. God wants us to do things contrary to the flesh all the time. It is a very mature person who can act against what the world, society, his heart and his mind are telling him. 

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