Friday, July 14, 2017

4 Reasons Why Fear Creates our Failure

*A boy you date is verbally or physically abusive, but you stay.You wear a mask saying it is not that bad.

*You want to keep a brand new relationship so you get intimate and go too far. You wear a mask thinking no one knows.

*Your boss totally misunderstood a situation and you get reprimanded, but you don't talk to him/her.You wear a mask of peace-maker over your hurt.

*An opportunity presents itself that your want to go for, but you are overtaken by what others think.You wear a mask called 'ordinary'.

*There is a workshop you want to attend, but you don't because you will 'put someone out' by watching your kids.You wear a mask saying your desires are not important.

*You do not feel like you are smart enough to offer advice or encouragement so you keep quite.You wear a mask of timidity.

*You never ask for prayers even when things are really difficult.You wear a mask of loneliness.

If we are honest, this thought process happens more often than we would like to admit. So many opportunities pass us by because we do not take the time to make intentional decisions.

Intentional decisions cannot be made during the situation. They have to be pondered, planned and prayed about before hand.

For some reason, when we make decisions in the heat of the moment, we choose the most comfortable route.

How does fear create failure?

1. Most often we are afraid to change and that means to stay doing what we have always done. That may not be pleasant, but it is comfortable in the fact that we know what to expect. However, that is failure. Failure to not stand up for ourself when we are being abused. Failure destroys more of our self-confidence every time we stay in a horrible situation. Failure when we are not vulnerable to ask for help. Failure is to think we can handle it without help. Chip. Chip. Chip away at our confidence. 

2. We don't say no because how others perceive you is more important than your schedule. Are you seen as dependable? You just can't say no to anyone because you don't want to disappoint or seem unavailable. However, the overwhelmed lifestyle you create is failure. You are not 100% in anything. You are sub-par in all you do because you are stretched too thin. Failure is saying yes to everything and neglecting important things. Those most important can feel neglected and that is a huge failure. Failure is priorities in the wrong order.

3. We also do not want to put effort into our life. Thinking about your response to situations is too much work so we rely on our reactions based on feelings in the moment. This sounds cliché, but do you ever put effort into thinking about What Would Jesus Do? Not what your rights are. Not what your feelings are, but immolating our Savior's character.

4. We do not take a risk because we feel like we are not supported. We feel as if those we love the most will make us feel like failures instead of teaming up with us and saying lets do this together. Failure is not communicating.

What are the specific reasons you fail? Can't communicate your feelings? Don't want to ask for help and look weak? Sometimes the reasons are so foggy you may not even know the real reason.

Do you wear a mask you need to take off?

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