Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year, Same You? 5 Ways to Make Progress

The New Year is like a birthday. After the party, did you really feel that much different? I felt the same on Sunday as I did the day before, but I was a year older. The ball dropped and nothing happened. To be honest, even when I was baptized, I did not feel different. I mean, I knew I was being obedient, but a rush of electricity did not rush through my body immediately transforming me into what I should be...I am a work in progress. The New Year, will be no different, but make progress.

You didn't suddenly wake up on Monday morning with no bad habits, more money, less weight around the middle, the ability to instantly forgive and so on! These things take time.

That is why you make goals. Some call them Resolutions. Why do you make them only once a year? You should make them every month; every week; every day...heck, every hour and minute you get to decide to be the Same You or make progress into a New You.

People do not usually have a birthday or a new year and BAM!, change immediately! It happens, but those are extreme cases and usually occur with one extraordinary event like a near death experience, an alcoholic almost dying or even a new job opportunity in another country. Extreme cases cause immediate change, but for the average Joe/Jane, transformation is a slow, intentional, painstaking process.

Change will not happen if you do not have a goal in mind. You never set out on a journey without a destination or a map, so why do you do that in your life all the time. Floating in life is not an option anymore.

1) Make a goal for 2017.
2) Break it down into small steps you can take each week.
3) Write it down so you can see it often or you will forget.
4) Get an accountability partner to help you stay on tack.
5) Get more help, if needed, from someone who has been through and achieved what you are striving for.

Below, comment what your goal is this month or week.
Did you have a BAM! experience? I'd love to hear about it.

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