Thursday, December 22, 2016

Purpose Word That Hits your Target for 2017

Word Campaign to Create Purpose in Your Life and Business for 2017

Choose a Word that hits your goals in 2017

Last year I was challenged to choose a word to create purpose during 2016. The whole year I would aspire to, live up to and work on molding this word into my character. However, something interesting happened. What I wanted was to be IMPACTFUL on other peoples’ lives, but what I learned was to allow others to be impactful on my life. 

I began my purpose journey by becoming a Certified Life Purpose Coach in January, 2016. I was taught by a wonderful mentor, Dr. Katie Brazelton. I became certified as a Professional Certified Life Purpose Coach through" target="_blank">Life Purpose Coaching Centers International. (click to find out about the training)

I was impacted to further narrow my purpoe by Dr. Jodi Walker, (click to get to know her better) who was my coach throughout the program and who I spent many hours with learning from her. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders who has supported me and now trusts me to be along side her in a new coaching venture, Immerss (click to find out more about this glogal marketplace).

Lonna Wingate impressed upon me that everyone can find their purpose in thier unique God-given personality (click for a small sample) I come with a set of strengths and weaknesses. Figuring out that it was okay to have weakness and how to deal with those weaknesses has made a huge impact on how I see others, how I coach others and how I conduct my business. 

Having a business is a scary calling. There are so many ‘what ifs’, and so many times to just step out in faith. There is no amount of preparation for some things that you have to deal with." target="_blank">Lisa Marie Graves has helped me ‘fine-tune’ my business strategy to meet the needs of my ideal client. Her expertise to help me brand my business image was priceless. (click to see all she can do for your brand) 

There are others who are strong where I am weak. I know for sure my weakness is technology. Thanks to Erik Shanur for helping me with Merchant account in my business and spending time with me to set it up. I appreciate that he is at my beck and call or text with my questions and concerns. He quickly responds each time. He is local and will meet me, if needed, to help me with glitches (my technology brain glitches, that is). 

Tim Baker is another tech savvy friend who works his magic with website design called Ministry Craft. (click here to get more info)  His specialty is helping with websites for ministries. He had some wonderful advice for my site that made a huge difference in the professionality and function. I hope to be getting together with him again in 2017. See my site at Steeped In Purpose . com 

And where would I be without Diane Bell? She has become my coach and friend. I held a Workshop recently at the beautiful Jordan & Taylor Co and she helped make it a success. She helped me with my message and selling strategy. Diane also knows the tech side and promoted my workshop with sign-up messages and automated Devotionals included. I cannot say enough about Diane. I hope to continue working with her in the future on several projects. She compliments me where I am weak and is full of knowledge about attracting women that resonate with my message. We click on so many levels. I pray you find a mentor and friend you can share yourself with whether it be business or just life. Thank you, Diane for your encourageent and support and faith in me! 

The word I chose for 2016 was Impactful. I was looking at it selfishly and wanting to BE an impact on other’s lives, but God had different plans. He knew that I could never be an impact alone and taught me through some trial and error to allow others to be impactful in my life. The most impactful people were the ones who were right here in front of me, local and touchable. (Shop local!) 

Asking for help takes the burden off for less stress. Asking for help creates bonds and friendships. Asking for help taught me to become less selfish. Asking for help allows others’ work to shine. Asking for help allows me to bless others by allowing them to bless me with their area of knowledge. Asking for help is humbling. Asking for help is becoming so comfortable to me. Asking for help makes us both successful. Asking for help is impactful for them and for me.

Now, for my word for 2017….OBEDIENT. No matter what God has planned for me, I want to be obedient. To me, that means, even if there are disasters in my life this coming year, I will praise Him and find how to glorify Him. No matter the circumstance, I will praise Him and learn from it. 
I love this scripute:
1 Thessalonians 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances.

It does not say give thanks FOR the bad circumstances, but look for the good around you that glorifies God.! What a mind-shift! GIving thanks while in a hospital bed. Giving thanks while at a loved ones bedside. Giving thanks at a funeral. Giving thanks while in a divorce. Giving thanks while depressed. Giving thanks while being spat on. Giving thanks even while nails are being driven into your hands. 

So, be impactful to find the mose purpose in 2017. Welcome those who impact you. Be obedient to what God is holding out to you!! 


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