Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Life in Crisis?

People seem to have, let's say, life crisis anywhere from 35-60. If we look at the life of Moses, he had two: one total life change when he fled Egypt, another when he followed God and returned to Egypt. But these changes in his life were not all of a sudden. If you can change your perspective and learn from the story of Moses, your life and the changes in it will be bearable and even understandable.  

I've had a life crisis you could say when, at 42, I decided to start a coaching business to help women break out of their life crisis, find their purpose and proceed through their life with meaning. 

However, let's change that mindset. I could say it is my life crisis, or I could shift my outlook and say I have finally steeped in knowledge and life experiences enough to actually mold a purpose that is ready to bust out of the cocoon. I am confident  it is the purpose God designed for me not one I clumsily created. Like Moses, he had to get experience being an Egyptian, then experience being a shepherd before he could be the leader that led the Hebrews to the land of milk and honey. He learned so much in the time before the crisis that helped him get through it.

Where are you? In the process of gaining your experiences?  Feeling that urge to bust out of your cocoon into your passion, but are hesitant? In the middle of the change you sought, but having trouble finishing/completing the journey? 

As someone who has been through the same process, call me for some clarity about your next step and light to show you which step to take.  Together, we can discover that your crisis and urge to break free is really bringing out who God has been molding all along. Let's talk about what purpose God has been steeping you in from your very beginning.

Erin E. McEndree
Life Purpose Coach for Women

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