Monday, July 25, 2016

Throw a Lifeline Not A Rope on Fire

I attended the Weatherford Presbyterian Church dedication yesterday. I have some friends who attend there and wanted to support them on their very special day. I learned that preparations for this special day started back in 2003. The restoration has been a labor of love, sweat, tears and patience. I understand Lou Tiscione, the teaching elder, has been the overseer of the restoration for all these years.

Reverend David Clelland spoke at the dedication. He had many great things to share that I will be sharing. One topic was on the concept of sharing the gospel with others. He described how we tend to do it the wrong way with the wrong heart. We tend to want to point out what is wrong with the other person. This approach makes us appear like we do not have problems. He had us focus on the exact opposite: our weakness. He mentioned how we should turn that right around and share the gospel with others using how God through Jesus helped us out of our misery. We should bare witness to what Jesus has done for ME. We don’t need to point out anything except our own weakness and how God touched our life. Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:9 to boast all the more about my weakness so that Christ’s power may rest on me. Don’t boast about our accomplishments.

Remember what the gospel teaches, Rev. David Clelland said. It teaches to get the plank out of your own eye so you can take the speck out of someone else’s, Matthew 7:5. 

We need to throw a lifeline not daggers. 

I truly believe when we are picking out what needs to change in others, we are not allowing God to work in that person’s life and essentially we are being God and wanting to help Him with HIS job. 

Not our job to judge! We are to emulate Jesus. He loved! Thats all! 

It is not natural to tell people of the gospel using our own bad examples and showing how God and Jesus helped us, but it is what is taught. 

What has God brought you out of that can be a testimony to others about HIS power?

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