Thursday, July 7, 2016

Spiritual Hot Flashes

I might be getting close to that age (maybe), but I know a hot flash when I feel one. Mine don’t happen at random times. Mine only happen when I feel the presence of the Lord and hear Him telling me, “Say what is on your heart..I’m in your words.” 

At church the other night, the speaker kept asking for specific ways to help people. He was making the point about not judging their life, not judging their situation and just showing love. People came up with general idea like, “Give them stuff.” He asked over and over and for the most part got general ideas. I felt a hot flash coming on. I said, “To be specific, we can give blood and pass out Chick-Fil-A.” You could hear the crowd in agreement.

Do you ever have hot flashes…spiritual ones? Do you have another way God speaks to you? Maybe a feeling of a breeze. Maybe a chill. I admit, I could say something every time a speaker asks a question, but I keep quiet most of the time, except when I have a hot flash. That is when I know something I am thinking needs to be heard.

What is your clue God wants you to be bold, speak up or step out? Don’t have one? Pray for it. Start anticipating it. If you ask for God to speak to you, He will. It might be in scripture, it might be through a friend, it might be a small whisper. It might just be a hot flash! 

When I start having hormonal hot flashes, I might not ever shut up!

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