Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th; Live Free Not Squeezed

It is nice to have a day off of work to celebrate our independence and spend time thinking about how lucky we are to be free, I mean you could have been born in another country. I’m thankful for where God placed me right where He wanted me at this exact time in history, Acts 17:26

I’m already reading this morning about instances where people were told to take down the American flag by officials and a columnist protesting the singing of God Bless       America at the 7th inning stretch. 

Does it feel like this world and all its crazy rules and intolerant people are squeezing the breath out of you? We are leery about using public restrooms, about going to the theater, about road rage, about large groups of people, about airports, about where this country is going based on the path we are currently on. There is not one day I don’t think about my safety or my kids safety in some way that makes me quickly devise a getaway plan if needed. SQUEEZE! 

As much as I will enjoy the 4th with my family, looking at the fireworks and celebrating how maybe not so free we are, in my heart and mind, I will be celebrating how totally free I am in Christ. 

It matters not who is president. It matters not who can go into the bathroom I use. It doesn’t even matter that my health insurance is going up 60% on January 1st. All this stuff and more is worldly and I train myself to think eternally. My struggle is not agains flesh and blood. It is pointless to fight against human opponents when the real enemy is waging war on the heart. Who cares about the all the news stories that squeeze our little worlds down to more and more rules and more and more paperwork. The real war is our heart. 

Making the worldly things your priority by posting and picketing and protesting is only taking your eyes off the real fight…Satan attacking your heart. He is keeping us in bondage to bitterness, unforgiveness, hate and fear. It is like we are complaining about the price of something or demanding our rights when our kid is yelling behind us, being kidnaped and we pay no attention. We are so consumed with the world, we pay no attention to the eternal. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a crappy life on earth and a mansion in heaven because I made a reservation in heaven than the other way around. If I am not attending to my eternity now, by default, I am making reservations in hell. 

Don’t live in hell on earth! Free yourself of all worldly concerns. The world squeezes. Eternity is an endless playground for those who love Jesus. I know we celebrate our independence, but I celebrate my dependence on Christ. 

Don’t be tempted to focus on all that squeezes you in this life that will vanish away. Focus on eternity and it opens up a whole realm of hugeness you never could imagine. 

Live free not squeezed!

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