Monday, June 13, 2016

Love Regardless

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Love Regardless 

“Love regardless.” 
I heard this quote referring to how people should react to the people shot and the survivors in Orlando, Florida. 

Love regardless! They are all children of God wether they act like it or not. Many times I have not acted like it. Many times I have known something was wrong and did it anyway. 

Love regardless! I am having more trouble loving ‘Christians’ sent from Westboro, Church of Christ who are holding signs saying, “God sent the shooter.”

Love regardless! Let’s take it a step further. Love Omar Mateen. How can I say that? I think of the soldiers pounding iron spikes in Jesus’ wrists. I think of men slicing his side open with a spear as water and blood flowed down is dirty legs to the ground. I think of the men who heard the flesh rip as they beat metal into his feet. Jesus was having this happen TO him and he said, “Forgive them.” 

Jesus did not say forgive only if they ask. Jesus did not say to forgive only if they are ‘good’ people. Jesus did not tell us to judge them. That is the Father’s business. I’ll let Him do his busies and I’ll do what He told me to do…love. 

Need some help to get to the point where you can have Love Regardless? Maturing into the character of Christ is possible with the 8-Lesson Program I have developed called Mature Up. You will learn the characteristics of seven levels of maturity, the pitfalls to watch out for and how to transform your thinking so you can ride to the penthouse…and live there. Everyone wants to live in the Penthouse. “It’s the best,” as Richard Gere says.

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